Friday, April 22, 2005

Loafing at mine

Various peoples (mainly ex #leideners) Posted by Hello

I had a small gathering. Basically said "come to my house and loaf about, eat my food, drink my drink, and bring some of your own too". Which is pretty much what happened.

Roo forgot about it until Phil rang him :) But we were very glad to have him. It was also a lovely treat to have Phil there as I wasn't expecting him to make it..

Andrew was a bit upset as his cat had been put down that day. Katie managed to have a loud chat with everyone about dead cats whilst we all sat there going "Katie, shut up" and she didn't understand why and so carried on regardless! Absolutely hilarious, luckily Andrew saw the funny side :)

Quotes of the evening?

"You spilt the butter"
"Well Tegwen exactly, it's like where the hell is my jugular?" (said as Soap clawed manically at her neck)
there's another I wanted to put here that I've forgotten.. if anyone can remember it please tell me and I'll edit..


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