Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Things to do, places to be

Quick sketch of me & Tom dancing, drawn after Ceroc last night. Posted by Hello

Yesterday was fairly knackering (Physics, double Chemistry, Maths and Biology) with a fair amount of work set / due in / done in class. I know it's coming up to crunch time.. I think I have 26 more days of school now. Ever.

Things I need to do:
~ all set homework
~ additional Chemistry & Maths
~ piano practice
~ dress purchase (& underwear & shoes & other fun matching things!)
~ organise with Claire & Jane about Ian's (*grin* I'm rather glad about that apostrophe..)
~ dance with my fiance

Talking of dancing, I also need to learn how to double spin without feeling like the world might end. And try to be smoother and not mark each beat with my body.. but that's so hard :(

I'm off for a nap. Then I'll get on with that list ^^


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