Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pippa's 40th

I went over Claire's for dinner (delicious!) so we could get ready together. It was really good to hear her so happy and bubbly and enjoying life. I'd bumped into Jane and Nathan (I say 'bumped', what actually happened was that I did a running pounce on Nathan) and asked them what sort of a do it was. Therefore Claire and I decided to look pretty in nice skirts / dresses and funky boots / shoes etc etc.

At the party there were loads of Cerocers and loads of little people. The routine was specially put together using moves that wouldn't be a problem if you're dancing with someone half your height. One of the nicest sights of the evening was Nathan dancing with Pip and, just behind him, Colin on his knees armjiving with a tiny lady.

It was great getting to dance with Nathan again, I've missed him.

Sadly I felt too ill to stay to the end and Claire and I beat a hasty exit.


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