Thursday, April 13, 2006

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As I mentioned in my last email to Jess, I think I'm getting a bit old for clubbing. Sounds hilarious I know, but the idea of dancing away until the early hours, drinking lots, getting knocked about and getting a cute ringing in my ears just doesn't float my boat the way it used to. That said I actually quite liked the club we were at Tues night - my mood depended a lot on the music being played though.. some of it was so much fun!

I met Jamila and Philomena properly and they're so easy to get on with. We had a vaguely traumatic experience whilst we were in the pub where some creepy old man came right up to the window where we were sitting, put his finger to his lips to hint we ought to keep the secret, and then started to undo his trousers... so we ran for it! (*shudder*shudder*shudder* - blurgh). When the police turned up and removed him they asked if we wanted to press charges and Philomena replied "Nah, it was kinda funny actually".

Monday night we Ceroced and it was a really fun night. Partly because of being with Torrs again having nt seen eachother since September, but also because Ian double troubled me and Jane and it was really fun :D And I had 3 of the loveliest dances ever with Rob. I've got my enthusiasm back for Ceroc a bit recently - I think this is almost entirely down to Ian and Jane coming back though!!

Now, all I need is a dance with that cute fiance of mine.


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