Monday, March 07, 2005

Feeling blue..

And it's because of a number of things. So, rant time!

First off those stupid cartoon strips. Why did I ever draw them? Why is Enthusiastic Guy such a motor-mouth? Why did he have to tell Kate? I love Kate, I think she's brilliant. I mean really really brilliant. I don't mean sexually, not like the way I (very) occasionally like some women, not like that at all. She's more the sort of person I'd like to be like. Though I think I'd need to be a bit bouncier...

Which is another thing that's really getting me down - my age. I hate being made to feel that being 18 is pathetic. Which is how it does feel. I like being 18, I want to be left to enjoy it without the constant reminders of "this will look dodgy because of your age" "well I would but you're too young" "it's not that long until you can join in" ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

Next. Why does everyone assume I'm going to make these grades in June?? I've got a very good idea of where I stand. I know that if I screw up one paper and I'm as little as 1 mark below an A it will be enough for me to miss my offer. People saying "Of course you'll manage it" whilst flattering, just piles the pressure on.

Well, that's calmed me a little. Even though I have avoided writing about the thing which is actually annoying / upsetting / frustrating me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somone bouncier than you, were you as bouncy then as you are now? I completely know what you mean about other ppl havning confidence in you getting ur grades when ur not sure tho.

10:20 pm  

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