Monday, February 21, 2005


Spin says:
*calms you*
X says:
Heh, sorry... protective mode
Spin says:
ooh.. how sexy
X says:
I am protective of you, I'll look out for you
X says:
(if that's ok)
Spin says:
It's one of the kindest things anyone's said to me I think

And it's true. It's a really wonderful thing when you meet someone you feel you share a connection with. I really hope that all of this is the start to a long term friendship.. I feel like I don't ever want to lose touch with him. I'm scared because I haven't seen his bad side yet... and he hasn't seen mine. I suppose most of this is false until we know eachother better.


Blogger Hockey Jones said...

I'm on a random blog surfing comment spree, yippee! I don't really understand your above post, but I bet if I did it would be a feel good kind of message.

1:24 am  

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